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Disney Parks Epcot Rose and Crown Pub Button Up Shirt 3XL Camp United Kingdom World Showcase

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Disney Parks Epcot Rose and Crown Pub Button Up Shirt 
New With Tags
Smoke and Pet Free Home
100% Cotton
Size 3XL
The dark red shirt features two logos that are repeated across the fabric. The more visually striking icon is a text logo that reads “Rose and Crown Pub;” the font is white and features gold detailing, and the word “Crown” is underlined by a golden icon that looks similar to a banner.
The other logo is a circular emblem that features a large “RC” at its center. “Rose & Crown Pub and Dining Room” is written around the exterior of the circle, and the name is broken up by “Est. 1982,” which is written in gold. Golden outlines of a crown and rose appear atop and below the emblem, respectively, an obvious reference to the restaurant’s name. 
Short Sleeve
Button Up front